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White Opal

White Opal has a body tone of N-8 to N-9 

White Opal is called 'milky opal" because of it's appearance.

People think that white opal only comes from Coober Pedy however white opal is found in Lightning Ridge as well.

Please refer to our Opal Body Tone Chart in the About Opal category for more information

All our White Opal is Solid White Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. If you buy White Opal from Global Opals We Guarantee that all our opal is genuine Solid Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. 

If you buy white opal online with us, we will ensure that you are happy with your purchase before shipping. By doing additional photos/videos if you require them, by communicating through either email or WhatsApp. WhatsApp is great for sending videos & pictures through easier & the quality is much better.

All our White Opal is Solid Opals from lightning Ridge, Australia. Buy White opal online & you receive Free Shipping for orders over $300 & we have a Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason. 

Buy White Opal for something unique. Buy Solid White Opal Lightning Ridge in Australia for the genuine article If you Buy Solid White Opal Lightning Ridge in Australia from Global Opals you will receive professional help, where nothing is to hard, & our motto is communication.

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