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Silver Jewellery - Silver Opal Vials

Solid Black Opal has a body tone of N-1 to N-2 (Being Black) Please refer to our 

Opal Body Tone Chart in the About Opal category for more information

If you are looking to Buy Silver Opal Vial Online, then please look no further! All our Black Opal Silver pendant Vials is Solid Black Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. If you buy Black Opal silver Vial pendants from Global Opals We Guarantee that all our opal is genuine Solid Black Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. When you buy Black Opal silver vial pendant jewelry online from us, we will go over & above to help you choose the perfect Opal silver vial pendant jewelry you desire. If you need additional photos &/or videos to show in natural lighting with no enhancements or filters than I can do that for you. (All our Opal photos & videos, are taken as closely as possible to its true identity) 

Opal Silver vial pendant Jewelry is very personal, & when you buy silver opal vials online from us, You are guaranteed that each vial is hand made by us with high quality colorful black opal & crystal opal chips.

.It is paramount that you Buy Solid Black Opal, Opal Vial Pendant Jewelry, silver jewelry etc.  Lightning Ridge in Australia to make sure you are getting the real article, & to purchase your beautiful opal Vial Pendant jewelry from a reputable opal miner/dealer who has been around since the dinosaurs...(that's us)☺

You can Buy Solid silver Vial Black Opal Pendant Jewelry Lightning Ridge in Australia. You can  Buy affordable Silver Vial pendant Jewelry opal online in Australia global Opals

Black Opal Silver Vial Pendant Jewelry is bright, colorful, has amazing patterns, & each opal vial is individual. You will never see another vial pendant the same. 

Remember, Black Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia are a precious gemstone & Australia's National Gemstone & Opal is the most colorful of them all.  Buy Solid Black silver Vial Pendant Jewelry Opal Lightning Ridge in Australia from Global Opals

Buy affordable black opal silver vial pendant jewelry online in Australia where the best Opal is mined. We will help you find that perfect piece of jewelry you have been searching for.

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