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Silver Jewellery - Silver Opal Vials

Solid Black Opal has a body tone of N-1 to N-2 (Being Black) Please refer to our White Opal Body Tone is N/8 - N/9

Opal Body Tone Chart in the About Opal category for more information

Opal Vials

If you are looking to Buy Silver Opal Vial Online, then please look no further! All our Black Opal Silver pendant Vials are Solid Black to Crystal Opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. our vials are hand made by myself. each piece of colorful opal is carefully chosen & placed in each Vial. We Guarantee that all our opal is genuine Solid Opal.


Coober Pedy Australian White Opal Jewelry

This collection consists of Coober Pedy Opal Rings & Pendants. Each piece of jewelry is created by an Aussie Jeweler who makes quality Silver (925) jewelry.

We guarantee that all our Opal in this collection is genuine Opal from Coober Pedy, Australia, & each piece is stamped (925) Sterling Silver

The collection is offered to you at an affordable price for you to own a piece of Australia without breaking the bank. If you need any additional photos or any information, please contact me.

Yours in Opal


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SOLD! Brilliant .88ct Rare Pattern Free Form Red Solid Black Opal GJM-035

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